About Maxwell AFB Gaggle

A golf group that plays a dogfight game

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 8. Be there by 7:30 to sign up. Open to all

Alert: 2013-11-20 Working on new version Author: Steve Alex

This is two years old, but going to do it this time.

What I wrote two years ago is for the most part true, but I started over and this time I'm going to make the change

I am working on a new version that has significant changes. A demo of the new version can be found at golfgaggle.com:5000/gaggle. I'm probably a few weeks off on finishing the project but would like some feedback and any changes you feel are important.

Everything is not locked down, I've been mainly working on the calculations and will get the rest done with testing that area is completed.

Your current login will work but with password letmein.

  • Why
    • The framework that I use (Ruby on Rails) has had a significant upgrade and I want to take advantage of some of the upgrades.
    • I started to play with a new group that pays Front, Back and Total instead of team places and I needed to add that option to the group preferences.
    • Many of the calculations are a convoluted mess that goes back many years. It was time to fix the mess.
    • The current system does not work very well with phones and tablets
  • Look and feel
    • Styling on web pages has changed significantly in the last few years. Rather then me trying to be artistic, which I'm not, I used a grid system that accommodates phones and tablets. This make thing a little bigger and flows on smaller screens.
  • Calculations
    • Computing quotas as been re-factored to isolate the many options that can be used (uses new member limit, new course limit, throw out high low score, rounds used, round +- limit, etc) What took about 200 lines of code is now down to about 30.
    • Events were changed to accommodate picking random teams if desired (think abcd tournament). This changed the flow
      • Create and new event
      • Brings up a list to select who is there/played
      • Form teams, either by random teams, random seeded teams, or assign teams.
      • Link on top of page to Enter scores by teams.
    • The currently make the demo a 4 step process instead of two, I'll fix that at some point.
    • Skins now brings up a popup so that scoring fits on a tablet. Phones work, but still crowded.

Might have to work on the printing of quotas, seems a little big. That is why I'm asking for feedback.

Update: 2013-03-08 New Server Author: Steve Alex

The server has been moved and set up with a new startup scheme. All appears to be working, but call or email me if you notice any problems.